Dec 08 2013

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Malawi Immigration Police

This is how I imagined myself if I didn’t have the proper documents (Photo credit: Google Image)

I had a crazy experience a few months ago with Malawi Immigration Police. A fellow volunteer was staying with me and we were having coffee when we heard a big bus pull up in front of my apartment. I live in a guarded gated compound with 17 houses so when a bus pulls in, they are there for a reason. Then a few seconds later I heard loud banging on my door.

*loud banging on my door*

Me: Hold on! *More loud banging*

Me: I SAID HOLD ON! I’M GETTING MY KEYS! *I opened the curtain and saw 2 guys standing*

Me: I think you guys are banging on the wrong house! *shaking my head*

Guy 1: No, we got the wrong house. Me: okay, then how can I help you.

Guy 2: We are with the immigration. Me: okay, let me see some ID’s.

Guy 1: *shows ID*

Me: *checks ID, thinking… okay, it’s laminated and looks better than my Peace Corps ID*

Me: Okay, how can I help you.

Guy 1: May I see your papers please

Me: Okay, let me get it Me: *Shows passport with permanent residency stamp valid for 2 years*

Guy 1: Okay, thank you. *looks at my friend* Mam, may I see your documents please.

Her: I don’t have my passport but I have a copy of it.

*went to get the copy*

Her: *hands it*

Guy 1: *looks at it* Okay, thanks. Have a good day.

Me: Thanks…

I had no idea why they came and why they chose to go to my apartment but it looked like somebody told the immigration police that there was somebody in the compound living illegally. I seriously thought of the scene in Fast and the Furious when Johnny Tran approached Dom Toretto and accused him of being a “rat”. haha

[notice]Warning to those Americans or non-Americans living in Malawi. Always carry a copy of your passport and the permanent residency with you when traveling. I know some people who had been detained for not having proper documents with them. This happens during road blocks as well and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a public or public transport. [/notice]

Be careful out there and enjoy Malawi!





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