Oct 31 2011

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I just got an update from travel.state.gov that my Peace Corps official passport has been processed and sent to Peace Corps. I submitted it on October 10 and received an email on the 26th stating that my passport was mailed and expected delivery was on the 28th. I hope I can request for my personal passport so I can use it before I leave for Malawi. Brazilian Carnival is on February 18-21. Hmm… Or I can save my money, stay local and spend time with my friends and family since I won’t be seeing them for 2 years.

I really hope Peace Corps doesn’t move my departure date to a later date. Some of the volunteers I’ve spoken to a few weeks ago had mentioned that their departure date got pushed back and some got pushed forward/stayed the same. I am hoping for the latter. *crossing fingers*

Part of my plan when I get to Africa is to explore the neighboring countries and fill my passport pages with stamps. So far I am on page 12.. that just means that I need to travel more often 🙁

Picture 1 below was taken last year when I went to Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau.

Picture 1Picture 2 below shows my travel to Philippines and Malaysia only.

Picture 2













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