May 31 2012

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Jambula – Pictures

” If you’re always thinking about the things you could do or would do then you’re not actually doing the doing. So stop thinking and start doing! Disappointment can only come from thinking about what you could or would do! Live, dream and most importantly DO.”


So I finally tethered my blackberry with my laptop and even though it’s slow, it’s allowing me to get on my blog and share some of photos that I have uploaded. I went to town today just to upload pictures and do a little shopping but “Malawi’s Fastest Internet Service” is uploading at less than 100kbps which basically means I would have to sit there for hours just to upload a few pics. I have over 500 pics that I need to upload and I will try to upload them next week or so.

Health and Environment 2012 Training Group

My host family – Ephraim family

Looking ahead! Saying my goodbyes to the kids at Chapatali Village

Chapatali Village

My Host Father

Chapatali Village

 Big Brother

Kid with Gin packets wrapped around his head

Big Smiles!!!!

Excited to see themselves on the camera

 Well, that’s all I have for now.


Tiwonana 🙂

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  1. Marie Mayen-Cho

    Great pix, thank you. I like your outfits! What do you do for fun, besides playing with the children?


    1. John

      Thanks Marie! My host brother made that shirt for me but i designed it :). For fun? Let’s see, I sit behind my house and watch the goats pass by and scare the dogs, I watch the chickens commit suicide by jumping off the roof, I watch dogs sleep, I sometimes stare at the walls. Last time I watched my paint dry, that was very entertaining. haha.

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