Oct 22 2011

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After a very long process, mixed emotions, etc. I finally got an invitation! I am sure some took longer than 10 months to get their invitation but mine finally arrived. Just to give you guys an idea of the process in joining the Peace Corps look like:

  • December 3 – Started my application
  • January 13 – Submitted my application
  • January 21 – All recommendation forms received by the recruitment office.
  • January 22 – Received an email from the LA recruitment office and provided the name of my recruiter
  • January 24 – Received an email from a recruiter asking me to call and schedule for an interview
  • January 27 – Day of the interview
  • January 31 – Received a nomination letter. She nominated me to a NGO Development to serve in Eastern Europe
  • February 5- Received my Medical/Dental packet
  • March 25 – Mailed my completed Medical/Dental packet
  • April 1 – Received a letter for missing Medical forms
  • April 2- Mailed requested form
  • May – Cleared for Medical and Dental
  • June- No update
  • July- Sent requested updated resume and set interview schedule
  • August – Interviewed with Placement Officer
  • September – No update
  • October 4 – Got my invitation!!!!!
  • October 4 – Accepted my invitation
  • October 7 – Sent my aspiration statement and updated resume
  • October 10- Sent my passport application and current passport

I was originally nominated for Eastern Europe on a NGO Development program with an anticipated departure date of September 2011. However, due to government funding issues, my departure date was pushed back. I am glad it did because I really wanted to go to Africa!

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  1. Anthony


    I recently filled out my final assessment and I guess my next step is the invitation. I was wondering if the invitation was mailed to you or sent through electronic email? If mailed (& and if you remember), where was the mailing address?


    1. jesplana

      The invitation was mailed to me. The mailing address should be what’s on your application. Good luck! That’s exciting!

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