Oct 23 2011

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Jimi Sir: Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal

I found this video last year when I was doing my research on Peace Corps and PC volunteers. I wanted to see how people live day by day as volunteers in developing nations. I really hope that I get sent to a rural area like Jimi.

Just as Jimi in this documentary, he had a great job that he left to volunteer in the Peace Corps because something was missing. He wanted to complete his education and to learn more about himself and to educate himself on what’s going on in developing nations such as Asia and Africa. I can completely relate to Jimi as I am leaving an awesome job, my friends and family to serve in the Peace Corps and go on a life defining adventure.

I know that I will not have the same experience as Jimi but I will certainly make the most out of it. The video runs for an hour so sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure!

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