Oct 23 2011

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I Am Because We Are – Documentary

I am because we are…. I am not defined without you. ~ Mathews A.P. Chikoanda

I stumbled upon this website as I was searching for information about Malawi. I recommend everyone to find the time to watch this video. We all know that Africa has a high prevalence of HIV and AIDS but do we really know how bad? See for yourself.

“IAMBECAUSEWEARE is a film describing the journey that Madonna embarks on, exploring the lives of children who have been orphaned by AIDS, and have suffered more than one can sometimes imagine. Set in Malawi Africa, Madonna leads us through many heart-wrenching stories that ultimately remind us how interconnected we are. We are introduced to a culture that at times we feel disturbing, but ultimately it will challenge us and call us to action.”

The video runs for over an hour.


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