Oct 25 2011

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My Assignment

Country: Malawi

Program: Community Health and HIV and AIDS

Job Title: Community Health Advisor

Orientation Dates: March 5-6, 2012

Pre-Service Training: March 7-May 9, 2012 (in Malawi)*

Dates of Service: May 10, 2012 – May 9, 2014*

*Dates are subject to change


The Malawi Ministry of Health utilizes Peace Corps Health Volunteers to work in several areas:

  1. To promote positive attitudes toward the prevention of HIV and AIDS and other communicable diseases and to develop community-based interventions for disease prevention, health improvement and promotion.
  2. To develop and implement community-based interventions that promote positive behavior change for improving quality of life for community members, service providers and influential leaders such as: health officers, teachers, village health committee members, parents, traditional and political leaders.
  3. To collaborate with educators, school and health officials in the integration of HIV and AIDS education and basic health practices in school curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

The health related work that I will do will depend on my skills, expectations and educational background and the need of the government of Malawi. So, a flexible approach for my work is very important. Since many jobs are not structured, I will be required to develop a structure to complete my work. I will need creativity in developing and implementing sustainable community programs within local guidelines, protocols and priorities.

Overall, I am expected to develop, implement, and monitor my own work. I have also learned that I will have plenty of time on my hand so I can use them to work on secondary projects.


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  1. Erica

    I found your blog while searching for information on Malawi. I will be interning at UNAIDS arriving on Feb 18th in about one week. It would be great to meet and chat about your experience. Congratulations on your assignment.

    1. jesplana

      hi Erica, I hope you made it to Malawi and hope you’re still here. Sorry for the late reply. Let’s meet up if you’re still around. I have a photo exhibition on April 3rd at the Living Room Cafe from 6PM – 9PM. Hope to see you there!

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