Mar 07 2012

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Last week in Burbank

Let me start by saying “I’m glad I made it”. Whew! But before I get to that, let me talk about how everyday was like for me these past few days.

Almost every single day of this past week has been very busy. Whether it’s spending time with friends, running errands or just filing… Yup, filing… I have so much files. Luckily, everything I had were digital files. Whew.

Second, let me talk about my luggage. Uggh. Peace Corps limit its volunteers to carry 80lbs total for checked baggages. Well, this is hard for me to do and I really didn’t believe that is all we could bring. So I had to use my research skills…(Google) and found that South African airways allow 50lbs per bag. So I aimed for 50lbs and loaded my bags and weighed them. One bag came out to 50lbs, then the other came out to 35lbs. Okay, I still had a lot of room left so I went shopping. Bought a bunch of things I thought I’d need.

Third, Friday! Lakers. Free ticket. Suite. Free food. Well, I had to turn that one down. Uggh. Sorry Michelle. I really wanted to go with you but I just couldn’t since I still needed to do a lot of things before I leave.

Fourth, Saturday. Jess and Carlos were really nice to throw a going away party for me. Thank you both! I really appreciate everything you did. This was actually a very relaxed party. Had everyone there close to me and my parents also came. My brother came down from Las Vegas and my friend John and Zayin came down to surpise me. Nice!

Fifth, Sunday. Fun day, last day in Burbank. My family decided to have a bbq at home and invited a few people. Food was good! Thanks Mys and Dru for bringing the cake.

Not really sure why I was counting. I sort of lost track of what I wanted say.haha. I am on a bus to JFK at 2am. I am tired, I haven’t slept and zzzz…..

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  1. Marie Mayen-Cho

    Hi John,

    Thinking of you on a Friday afternoon, March 9th. I am sure you are now in Malawi and enjoying your time. I cant wait to read about your adventures! Take care.

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